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[Pinned] Rules! Must Read.

Alright! Here are our rules at DA:O RP.General Rules1. Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated. 2.Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, threads just to increase post count, or threads of a nonsensical degree.3. This is a Mature RP Bo...
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adidas neo lite racer heren

Sinds de lancering, adidas neo lite racer dames is de organisatie voldoet aan de eisen, samen met wensen van de fitness mensen en andere liefhebbers. Om meestal een aanvulling op de Adidas trainers, kunt u transpireren tops, dassen en tassen. D...
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So, as I was looking at the PC/NPC/Beast thread, it struck me... the game has details about the story behind magical items and whatnot, so I thought...Shouldn't we sort of do the same? Like, make a lore place for magical/special/unique items we ca...
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Yeah, I was just wondering...Wouldn't it be possible to set up miniforums in the Hall of Heroes for NPCs, PCs and Beasts so it'd be less confusing? I mean, it'd make it easier to find what you look for.Thoughts?
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Better way to find the site

I agree with Vaeo's shout this morning - the URL for the site is less than memorable. Consequently, it would probably help a lot if it were someplace easy to find on the social site.I was thinking that if one of the admins wants to edit their con...
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Are we assuming everyone's beaten the game? I ask this since it is possible there may be allusions to certain plot elements in the game when we RP. I wouldn't want to, for instance, say something about why the Grey Wardens are really necessary.
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