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The Hall of Heroes

[Pinned] IMPORTANT! Read before posting!

1. All Bios must be in the Player Character Template, effective Nomver 24th. 2. All Bios must be approved by atleast 2 of the Admins before being used in RP.3. NPC Bios are allowed to be placed here, but must also be approved. However, only one Ad...
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The Hall of Heroes

[Pinned] Player Character Template

This is the format all Bios as of November 24th must be in.Name:Race: Gender: Age: Class: Build:Appearance:Scars/Marks/Tattoos:Weapons:Clothes/Armor: Items: Spells(Optional):Skills: Strengths: Weaknesses: Likes: Personality: Bio: General Goal and ...
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The Hall of Heroes

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The Hall of Heroes

Roland Ashbrooke - Denerim Nights.

Name: Roland Ashbrooke - a.k.a The Beggar PrinceRace: Human - Ferelden. Gender: MaleAge: 19Class: Rogue -- Thief. Build: Athletic Appearance: Handsome if it wasn't for the fine layer of dirt and grit marring his features, Roland is every bit the p...
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The Hall of Heroes

Bertram the Bartender (for Denerim Nights) (Approved)

Name: BertramRace: HumanGender: MaleAge: 42Class: Owner of the Healthy Hog TavernBuild: Stocky, slightly chubbyAppearance: With shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion, Bertram's appearance is rather unremarkable. His stocky build and...
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The Hall of Heroes

Teraki Mirendill

Name: Teraki MirendillRace: City elfGender: FemaleAge: 21Class: Warrior/Champion/Berserker Build: fairly short, muscular enough to wield two longswords effectively, but not so muscular it's noticeable.Appearance: <Posting a picture at the end o...
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The Hall of Heroes

Sareth Autharn: Scholar. Maleficar.

Name: Sareth AutharnRace: HumanGender: MaleAge: 24Class: MageBuild: Powerful, tall.Appearance: Dark hair, brown eyes, somewhat ill, withered look. Scars/Marks/Tattoos: None.Weapons: Steel longsword.Clothes/Armor: Mage's robes, remade into a simple...
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The Hall of Heroes

Seóras, Assassin of the Antivan Crows

Name: SeórasRace: ElfGender: MaleAge: 19Class: AssassinBuild: Average build. Tall for an elf.Appearance: Blue eyes, blonde hair. Often dressed in a black leather raiment. The hair is hanging loosely down the neck. It is obvious that this man does ...
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The Hall of Heroes

Darrion Lamonte, Young Mage Apostate of the Mages' Collective (Approved)

(temporary image until better one is made)Name: Darrion LamonteRace: HumanGender: MaleAge: 19Class: MageBuild: SlimAppearance: A slim young man dressed in charcoal mage's robes with peculiar designs of gold and silver. It's clear this particular m...
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The Hall of Heroes

Firaelia Surana, the Elven Priestess

These are my preliminary ideas for my main character. I haven't had time to write a full-scale biography and description yet, but it was suggested that I post what I have so far anyway. My character is Firaelia Surana, a City Elf. She escaped her ...
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The Hall of Heroes

Johanus, Tevinter Mage (Approved)

Name: Johanus Dumat LaskaronTitle(s): NoneHomeland: TevinterProfession: MageAge: 32Place of Birth: MinrathousBio: Born into a family of wealthy magi, Johanus had little choice as to his profession. Sent away at an early age to study magic, he demo...
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The Hall of Heroes

Relieving you of your coin, Ryl Oakes (Approved)

Name: Ryl OakesTitle(s): "You Thieving Whore" doesn't count, does it?Homeland: FereldanProfession: Thief, pickpocket, con-artistAge: 19Place of Birth: DenerimRyl's a thief. That's all there is to it. No arguing, no debate. She's a thief through an...
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The Hall of Heroes

The Silver Chevalier - Ser Henri (Approved)

Name: HenriTitle(s): Ser Henri, The Silver Chevalier.Homeland: OrlaisProfession: Soldier, Knight.Age: 56(?)Place of Birth: Unknown.Bio: One of many Chevalier sent by the Orlesian Emperor to assist the Tyrant Meghren in maintaining control over Fer...
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The Hall of Heroes

Protecting my lord... and scrubbing the pot... (Approved)

Bio!(Warning. Short.){img134943}Eshalle, by many, is considered a rather lucky elf. Having been plucked from the hardships of an alienage by a passing lord who thought her hair was "cute" as a child, she was raised in the scullery and pantry, conv...
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The Hall of Heroes

Dazrik Valdain (Approved)

Name: Dazrik ValdainSex: MaleClass: Arcane WarriorRace: Elven-DalishPhysical Description:Short and lean, but impressively broad for an elf, Dazrik has the unquestionable frame of a fighter. Muscular for his size, with a fluid sculpt and supple gra...
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The Hall of Heroes

Isolde de Arles (Approved)

--All done now--Name: Isolde de ArlesRace: Human -- Culturally Orlaisan, raised in Redcliffe.Gender: FemaleAge: 28Class: Mage -- "Apostate".Build: AthleticAppearance: Isolde has often been remarked as beautiful, with almost white, straight blond h...
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