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All discussions that don't involve Dragon Age go here.
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Post all art here! Dragon Age related or otherwise, if you wish to share it, we're more than happy to receive! Art of any kind is accepted, be it Drawings, Photoshops, Videos, etcetera.
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Found any neat Mods? Made any neat Mods? Want any neat Mods? Post here!
Got questions about the Lore? Didn't collect all umpteen billion of the codecies because you were LAZY? Worry not. Ask your lore questions here and they shall (probably) be answered!
Discuss all things Dragon Age here! Threads with Spoilers must be appropriately tagged and cannot mention a spoiler in their title.
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All stories and RP threads are to be posted here. All threads here are In Character.
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Post character bios and profile pictures here. Threads can be created for Player Characters. All threads here are Out of Character.
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Here is where overall plot summaries and information shall be posted. If you have a Story Arc, this is where OOC conversation pertaining to it and Applications can go on.
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Here is where all items, NPCs, and Beastiaries will be posted. All of these items will require the approval of atleast 1 admin before being put into use.
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Introduce yourself here!
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Here will be posted any important announcements pertaining to the site.
This is where you will be able to find the site's rules. You will also be able to post feedback on the site and said rules, along with any questions on the boards you feel you need to ask.
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