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#1937553 Nov 23, 2009 at 07:04 AM · Edited over 12 years ago
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Basically, this RP will focus on quite a bit of character development hopefully and will explore something that's not too known about the setting of DA -- the Korcari Wilds, and beyond. There is always the disadvantage of making something like this that it seems like non-canon, but I think it has great potential to be an enjoyable RP.

Okay, so this was just an idea I was throwing around in my head, and can be altered and tweaked as much as we want in order to come up with the best RP plot. What I was thinking is that there is a very barbaric tribe of Chasind (Or simply, barbarians) who live in the great forests and on the icy tundra beyond the Wilds -- however, the Chiefs (What would they're leader's title be?) son is apparently kidnapped, the Chasind blame a local group of Apostate Mages hiding from the Chantry further to the North.

This is where the Templar's come into the picture, forcing an uneasy allegiance with the Chasind folk, promising to bring back the kidnapped child in return for making the righteous kill of the Apostate's, heavily rumoured to be practicing Blood Magic. I have some different plot twists in my head, but if this RP does go forward, it might spoil it just a little.

...So, what are people's opinions? An idea worth persuing?

EDIT: Also, I'm very aware of the fact that a group of Templar's probably wouldn't come all the way to the Wilds just to seek out a group of Mages, let alone force an alliance with the Chasind, but it's all apart of the plot and can be expanded here, and in the RP.
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#1938851 Nov 23, 2009 at 02:19 PM
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Personally, I think we should just stick with the plot we have going for now. Too many story lines makes character interaction difficult. I don't know what input to offer if you can't give me any spoilers. Sounds interesting, I suppose.
#1939200 Nov 23, 2009 at 04:19 PM
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That is actually an excellent idea for a plot! I personally love it. This is a forum meant to facilitate RP, as such, we can have multiple plots going on.

On that note though, too many can lead to stagnation and players spread to thin. The idea has my approval, if thats what you sought.

P.S. Templars range from practical to fanatical, if the leader of the group was devoted enough to his work, they would travel that far. One Apostate alone is an incredibly dangerous threat. A group? Practicing Blood Magic? That'd be a priority, enough to send a team or group certainly.
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#1939360 Nov 23, 2009 at 05:17 PM
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Yeah, well I was thinking of waiting for the site to grow a little as well, as not everyone may be interested in this particular RP. I have nothing against what you guys are doing here, but I think it's beneficial for everyone at the site to have more than one story arc going at the same time, though as Chevalier said, it could stagnate -- but I still have to figure everything out so it's not going to be posted today or anything.

Also, you're right Chevalier, in the context of a fanatical Templar leader, that could definitely work -- thanks for the approval :D

Basically, along the spoiler point, I was thinking of having the Templar's request the help of the tribe's best warriors in order to hunt down the Blood Mage's and return the boy. However, I was thinking that the Templars, once they have arrived at the Apostate's HQ, slaughter the Chasind warriors, and find the boy and kill him as well, learning that he was to be a Chasind Shaman. They do this so it leaves the tribe near defenseless, allowing the Templars to come through and bloodily sweep through the area, where they are looking for an ancient artifact of Andraste that was lost in the Wilds a long time ago.

I'm still working on when and where the Apostate's should more clearly come into the story, but that's just my initial thoughts...
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