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#1936870 Nov 22, 2009 at 11:50 PM · Edited over 12 years ago
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Oooh. This little gem definitley deserves mention for all of its interesting forms.

It basically gives Shapeshifters access to a whole bunch of different forms, with certain themes like "Wolves" or "Demons" and the like.

Admittedly its rather imbalanced, but its excellent for screenshot reasons (I'm that kind of guy clearly. ;P) to be able to make these various creatures appear at will.

Negative side of things.

1. You must have Master Shapeshifting to access these trees. Then they have talent point requirements too. THat's ALOT of points.

2. The Ash Wraith form and Rage Demon form are missing their SFX, which in my opinion detracts ALOT from their visual appeal.

3. If you use a custom morph, alot of the models will appear wildly distorted. For this same reason, Morrigan and Wynne cannot use any of the new forms except for Dragonshifting.
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