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Alright! Here are our rules at DA:O RP.

General Rules

1. Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated.

2.Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, threads just to increase post count, or threads of a nonsensical degree.

3. This is a Mature RP Board for a Mature RP Game. In character, vulgarity is perfectly acceptable, and while there is no ruling against it in our OOC forums, we ask that you be respectful of others here and avoid unnecessary language.

4.We support people of all preferences, cultures, and religions. We ask that you respect them in turn.

5. Please keep personal arguments in private messages should a conflict arise.

RP Forum Rules

1. Please read all posts before responding.

2. Please keep OOC to a minimum in IC threads.

3. God modding is not permitted.

4. Please designate your threads as either [Open] or [Closed]. If applications to join said threads are required, please send them in a PM to the OP of the thread. Also, please add an additional [App] tag.

Tag list
and optionally,

The Deep Roads and Lost Thaigs Rules

1. Again, please be aware that this is a multi-cultural board and art that is designed with the intention of insulting or demeaning other cultures and lifestyles will be removed.

2.For now, any sexually explicit art is not permitted.

Thank you for reading!

Keep in mind we're all here to have fun! Let's do our best so that we all enjoy ourselves. 8)
@leetsepeak ingame.
"He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it." - George Orwell

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